Wales is a land that is full of echoes.

I am a contemporary Welsh artist born and living near Abergavenny, Wales. My landscapes are exceptionally inspired by the Welsh landscape I grew up in and the nature surrounding me. I have a deeply rooted ancestral connection to this place, I am one of six generations who settled in this landscape.

The ancestral footsteps I retrace hold the remains of an industrial past which forms its landscape today. The existence of these paths fades and becomes impassable as nature takes over, but memories are rooted and preserved. These pathways connect culture, tradition, and place, and when I walk, I absorb the sensation of belonging to a place.

My work embraces the rich and dramatic landscapes that I explore. It is the sensation of the landscape I draw and paint, a way of expression. My drawings and paintings display an interwoven connection with human emotion and nature. Retracing memories inform my application of my work, building up a surface that mirrors and echoes my responses to nature.

My paintings are about remembering moments, the stories that echo the land and my rooted connection to a place. They re-enact the idea of what the landscape is and has always been. They are about the remembering of a ‘Place’.
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